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HR OnDemand

Small business owners have enough on there plate taking care of all business matters where HR
might not be a top priority.  Not only is HR a priority, it needs to be focused on for business cevelopment and to maintain the integrity of your business.  GP Enterprises takes away the stress from HR.

Handbook Creation

Having an employee handbook is key for your employees to understand the culture and direction in the way the organization is moving.  GP Enterprises will collaborate with creating, assembling, recommending processes and introducing to your employees.

Morning Rush Hour


Compliance is essential in a business setting. 

You need to have a formal system to help your organization uphold company policies and

prevent the business and its employees infringing of regulations and breaking laws, ultimately keeping you and your organization safe.


Selecting the right prospects to join your team is essential for growth.  Having an outside set of eyes to do due diligence on selecting the right future employee helps see pros and cons that might not be seen internally.  GP Enterprises helps with advertising, interviewing and new employee documentation.

Informative Interview
Office Work

Benefits Administration

GP Enterprises recommends and help implement the following employee benefits...

  • Retirement accounts; 401k

  • Flexible Savings Account

  • Personal Time Off

  • Health Insurance

  • Maternity Leave

  • Disability

Employee Maintenance

Analyzing the performance of your employees works hand-in-hand with the success of your business.  GP Enterprises provides custom performance appraisals for reviews of your employees and creates policy implementations

to keep the integrity of your organizations

culture and values.

Two Men Shaking Hands


It is never easy off boarding an employee. 

Making sure that all aspects of their job is

covered once they leave can be more difficult. 

Our team makes sure that before leaving, we

obtain any knowledge and off boarding processes are complete before turning over the position

to the incumbent employee.

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