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GP Enterprises

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

GP Enterprises offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary

tools and expertise to grow your business.
We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.

Our Mission

To support, educate and empower our clients. To help them create an 
environment that inspires teamwork, pride and excitement, as well as wealth,
security and stability; paving the path to create the income and life they desire.


Who We Are

GP Enterprises is comprised of experienced professionals specializing in key business advisory roles, committed to driving results.  We seek to understand the needs of your business, align resources and customize a strategy that enables your organization to exceed its goals.

Reaching a Deal

What We Do

Consulting is more than giving advice.  At GP Enterprises we become part of your team.  We engage to learn the ins and outs of your organization, challenge the status quo and find a deep understanding of the limiting factors of success.

Modern Office

Why Your Business May
Need An Expert Consultant

Small business owners hire GP Enterprises as a cost-effective way to either bridge the gap in knowledge and skills within their business or to bring a fresh objective and professional perspective.

Here are three of the most common reasons small

business owners turn to GP Enterprises for our expertise:

To Find The
Source Of An Issue

When a business is exhibiting

a problem, such as a decrease

in sales or cash-flow issues,

and internal management is unable to identify the source of the problem, a consultant can come to the office, observe the issues within the business’ operations, conduct tests, research and determine the

root of the problem.

To Create
The Solution

In some cases, you might have a goal or deadline that you can’t achieve internally.  Whether it's because of a skills gap or it’s simply not within your company’s core competency, hiring

GP Enterprises can save your business time and money; 
achieving the ultimate goal.

Set Up For

Your business may have grown rapidly and you know there are numerous things you could be doing better, but aren’t aware of where to start.  GP Enterprises can help and bring a fresh perspective, evaluate all areas of your business and determine the correct processes and procedures to increase productivity levels.

Two colleagues meeting

There are few things as rewarding as a successful collaboration that solves a challenge. Our team of professional business consultants use their years of experience and knowledge to create lasting and rewarding relationships with our business partners. Check out what our clients are saying about working with GP Consulting.


"We met with Gina and explained the challenges we were facing with our employees. Expectations were not met on either side, passion and understanding was minimal, and communication and meetings were non-existent. We were making our clientele happy but we were not a cohesive bunch. Gina took an intake of everyone's personality and their perception of the office and employers. We received informative feedback and made positive changes immediately. Gina has given us the tools and feedback to help us be more successful. We are being pro-active instead of reactive due to Gina's great ideas and strategies. We are closer than we have ever been in achieving our goals for a profitable, happy and cohesive office!
Thanks Gina."

Therese Abruzzo

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